Functional Capacity Evaluation

functional-capacity-evaluatAfter an injury, Atlas PT can perform a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) to tell if you are ready to return to work. FCE is a standardized set of tests that indicate if an employee has the functional capacity to work. This testing will allow us to see a safe level of a worker’s ability for employment. The objective findings allow medical providers, employers, and the employee to identify a safe level of work activity.

FCE tests assess the following:

    • The need for a customized return to work program
    • Worker’s capacity for specific employment duties and tasks
    • Worker’s current physical abilities and limitations
    • Worker’s ability to return to work, or if necessary, development of an alternate plan for employment

When Atlas PT conducts a functional capacity evaluation, we consider:

    • Medical history
    • Objective physical assessment
    • Capability for healthy posture (how well do you sit, stand, reach, crawl, squat, and stoop)
    • Ambulatory movements (walking, climbing stairs and ladders)
    • Specific job tasks

Dr. Titonath Dith is accredited to perform functional capacity evaluations. The team at Atlas PT is dedicated to helping you feel better while safely developing your body’s functional capacity. Request an appointment today!